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VSAT field engineering courses for organizations

Empower your teams with on-site VSAT field training

If your organization deals frequently with VSATs, we offer a variety of courses that introduce your teams — from non-technical staff to professionals — to real-world issues in VSAT field engineering.

Oasis Networks is a member of the Global VSAT Forum and qualified GVF HOST examiner.

Building in-house VSAT field engineering teams

If your organization currently outsources its field engineering operations, we offer a course that will assist you in building your own, in-house VSAT field teams.


Course details

The course provides a theoretical overview of satcom and VSATs, delivering hands-on training, practical troubleshooting, and guidelines on efficient work procedures (documentation, regulations and more).

Who Should Enroll
  • Telecos, teleports, service providers with satellite links, and satellite providers who would like to build their own in-house teams of field engineers.
  • Financial or industrial organizations such as banks, mines, and GSM companies that have satellite-based sites and want to support them in-house.
  • Certification: Oasis VSAT Field Engineer
  • Duration: 10 days
  • Languages: English, French, and Spanish


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Practical VSAT training for IT and support teams

This course is intended for support and technical staff that interact directly with VSAT field engineers. It drills down on the practical issues of their joint work with engineers and introduces support staff to the engineering side of the picture.


Course details

In addition to receiving a theoretical overview, attendees attend a hands-on session that includes antenna assembling, VSAT installation, commissioning and more.

They will also learn about the real-world difficulties faced by field engineers and support staff like them in an advanced troubleshooting session.

Who Should Enroll
  • Help desk, NOC, IT and TAC staff looking to improve their interaction with field teams.
  • Service engineers looking to become more efficient and skilled in their jobs by receiving an overall view of VSAT site commissioning and troubleshooting.
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Languages: English, French, and Spanish


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VSAT practicals overview for non-technical staff

This course provides a broad overview of the theoretical and practical aspects of satellite communication and VSAT deployment. It delivers a hands-on experience with installation, commissioning, troubleshooting and more.


Course details

Attendees will gain a clear understanding of satcom fundamentals and become familiar with the realities of the field, exploring how they can proficiently apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Who Should Enroll
  • Sales, marketing, product managers, finance,  project and program managers, executive management
  • On-boarding employees.
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Languages: English, French, and Spanish


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Guided prep for the GVF exam

Need an instructor-led course to prepare your staff for the online GVF exam? Receive comprehensive, in-person instruction from a subject matter expert who will guide you through online GVF training to prepare you for the online exam.


Course details

Work chapter by chapter and answer all your questions about the GVF. Ideal for in-house trainers or individuals who prefer swift and concise GVF prep.

Who Should Enroll
  • Company staff who prefer instructor-led group train
  • Freelancers and individuals who want to save time
  • Duration: 2 days per GVF course
  • Languages: English, French, and Spanish


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GVF basic Hands-On Skills Test (HOST)

In order to receive a GVF certification, you must pass the common Hands-On Skills Test (HOST) approved by an approved GVF Examiner.

Contact us to find out about the availability of HOST exams near you.

Course details

GVF certification courses consist of online theory portions and a practical skills examination.  The role of Oasis as a certified GVF Examiner is to administer the HOST and evaluate the student’s performance.


Verification of student’s ability to use the core skills taught in online course GVF510 in a hands-on environment.

Skills overview
  • Assemble a typical VSAT
  • Pre-set pol and elevation angles
  • Find a designated satellite
  • Accurately peak azimuth and elevation using the beam balance method
  • Accurately set linear polarization
  • Terminate a cable with a connector
  • Weather seal the connector
  • General workmanship and neatness

The student should complete GVF510 (Core Skills for VSAT installers) prior to attempting the HOST.

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Customized VSAT courses

We provide a number of customized training courses for companies that want to address specific systems or prepare teams for specific projects. The content can be adjusted to the audience or to a company’s existing in-house technologies and protocols.


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