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Nimrod Kapon

Extensive experience with diverse fields of telecom systems, from analogue voice carriers, asynchronous data networks, voice networks, fiber, SDH and SONET, wireless, and satellite.

Field engineer in training and orientation.
Passionate about many fields of experience and knowledge.

GVF qualified examiner. Vegan.

Gal Matoki

Extensive experience with diverse fields of telecom systems, from analogue voice carriers, SDH. SQL and big database programming.

Had Start-up and managed large team of programmers, managed sales national and international.

Joined Oasis in 2012.

David Shemer

Rich experience both as design engineer (from PCB to wireless level), on-site post-sale engineer, and as business development and market opening.

Worked in Intel, DSPS, Wizair, as well as several high-tech start-up companies. experience with working in international teams and customers, including in Asia, Russia.

Joined Oasis 2013.

Balume Simwa Dieumerci

Entrepreneur in heart and soul and multi-disciplinary, Simwa spans a wide spectrum of past and current activities, including solar system integration, industrial natural-juice fabrication, managing a photography studio, and of course, VSAT integration. Simwa is GVF trained and carries with him around 10 years of rich experience in this field.
In his free time, Simwa likes to stay fit, and as an entrepreneur looking beyond the horizon, he likes to do jogging. He is also working out at the gym. Vegetarian.

Thierno Diouf

Software engineer, Extensive experience in VSAT installations and field work.

GVF qualified field VSAT engineer. Start-up entrepreneur.

Joined Oasis in 2014.

Chaim Hen

Senior quality assurance manager in Telran, big and innovative telecom company.

Joined Oasis in 2010.

Alrida Alan

Extensive experience in VSAT installations and fieldwork. GVF qualified field VSAT engineer.

Joined Oasis in 2017. Amateur musician and vegan.

Andre Nsemi Nzolameso

Started works at 1997 until 2001 Ecp Sarl
2001-2004 AMC Telecom, 2005-2011 Huawei Technologies.
2011-until now Owner of Protel and Oasis DRCongo representative.

Training :

1. O3B system certified

2. Huawei certified

3. GVF training but not finish.

Best acknowledgment for installation and maintenance of VSAT.

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